The Last HOPE - July 18-20, 2008 - Hotel Pennsylvania - New York City

Additional Speakers Announced

Posted 6 June 2008 05:17:50 UTC

We are in full swing in the speaker selection and scheduling part of The Last HOPE. What follows is the next installment of our list of confirmed speakers and the presentations they will be giving at the conference. We have accepted many more and will be listing some of those in the next week. Since we've added a new track this year, we've been able to keep the submission process open rather late. But this will soon be coming to an end. June 15th is the absolute cutoff for speaker submissions. If you want to give a scheduled talk at The Last HOPE, you must submit it to by that date.

Here are some of the talks we're scheduling in addition to the initial list announced last week:

  • Crafting a Security-Enhanced Wikipedia - Virgil Griffith
  • What's Wrong With Your Company's Website? - The Cheshire Catalyst
  • VoIP (in)security: Italians Do It Better - Alessio L.R. Pennasilico aka mayhem
  • SWF and the Malware Tragedy - BeF, fukami
  • Simulating the Universe on Supercomputers - Mark Vogelsberger
  • Ghetto IDS and Honeypots for the Home User - Black Ratchet
  • How to Make Cool Things with Microprocessors - Mitch Altman
  • The Phone Losers of America - Various PLA representatives
  • Botnet Research, Mitigation, and the Law - Alex Muentz
  • The (Im)possibility of Hardware Obfuscation - Karsten Nohl
  • Evil Interfaces: Violating the User - Gregory Conti
  • Macro Social Engineering - LexIcon
  • Building a Hacker Space - Representatives of the Global Hacker Space Movement
  • Current and Emerging Robotic Technologies - Ben Sgro
  • Methods of Copying High Security Keys - Barry Wels, Han Fey
  • Threat Modeling - Kevin M. Williams
  • Monumental Women and their Influence on Modern Technology - L33tphreak
  • RIAA Litigations: How the Tech Community Can Help - Ray Beckerman
  • Autonomously Bypassing VoIP Filters with Asterisk - Blake Cornell
  • AntiSocial Networking: Vulnerabilities in Social Nets - Nathan Hamiel, Shawn Moyer

Full details on these and the many other talks and panels will be forthcoming on The Last HOPE website. Once more, space and time are both running out for any additional talk considerations. To make your submissions, email

To preregister, visit
To become a vendor, email
To volunteer to help us run the conference, email
To visit the official Last HOPE website, go to

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