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Security Experts to Disclose Major Flaws Affecting over 95% of all Locks

Posted 2 Jun 2008 05:45:13 UTC

This summer, hackers from around the world will be teaming up with lock picking and security experts to show the public exactly how insecure their locks are. Recent studies have proven that locks of all varieties (including so-called "high security" locks) can be compromised, some by persons with a minimal skill.

Attendees at The Last HOPE conference in July will learn firsthand about security vulnerabilities inherent in standard lock designs, from the most common ones used on our front doors to the high security models used by industry and in government. Attempts to alert the security industry to these dangers have not met with much success, which is why we believe it is in the public interest to demonstration certain methods of bypass.

"Manufacturers can't produce bug-free products, and that's a big problem," says Marc Weber Tobias, a lawyer and leading security expert. According to Tobias, "since the industry is not taking the lead, it is ironic that it has fallen upon the hackers to make these security risks public." In a recent interview (May 21, 2008 edition of Off The Hook) and a soon to be released book, he highlights specific problems with the locks sold by many of the major manufacturers, including everything from the common household products of Kwikset and other consumer lock manufacturers, to the supposed high security locks produced by such companies as Mul-T-Lock, Assa, and Medeco. The vulnerable high security locks are currently in wide use by branches of the U.S. military, federal agencies, and at many private facilities to protect critical infrastructure.

Many specialists in the field will be leading demonstrations, classes, and lectures at the conference.

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